Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hustle Butter Review

My favorite thing to do is try every single tattoo product I can. I love experimenting with different products and finding which one works best for me, as you should do the same being that there is a variety of different suppliers offering so many variations of great products.

With so many ointments, creams, lotions and aftercare products currently available on the tattoo market these days, it makes picking the right one a difficult task.
This particular post is about one of my favorite products that I have encountered in my tattoo career so far. Hustle Butter. The name alone sends a warm fuzzy feeling up and down my body. Say it again, Hustle Butter.

If you havent already heard about this awesome product, Hustle Butter is an ointment that is effective for use during the tattooing process as well as an excellent aftercare system.
It is made up of all natural ingredients such as shea and mango butters, and contains no petroleum based products; making it incredibly light and gentle on the skin.
It is really effective with reducing redness and swelling during the tattoo process, keeping the skin workable for a longer period of time.
Being that it is so light and petroleum free, it doesnt clog skin pores and it allows the skin to breathe during the application and during the healing process. Another benefit of no petroleum is it wont clog your tattoo tube like A&D or something similar would, keeping your ink flowing steady.
Another benefit of Hustle Butter is the amaaaaazing smell. Now I know thats not something that you would normally care about when looking for a good tattoo product, but its a real treat. The mixture of different fruit extracts and natural oils used in Hustle Butter have really saved me a couple of times when I had to tattoo some funky smelling feet.
As far as aftercare goes, its great. Although everyone is different, my experience with Hustle Butter has proven that it speeds up the healing process.  Again, because of its light, non-greasy ingredients it allows the healing tattoo to breathe and stay moisturized after every application. The natural ingredients are extra gentle on the skin and soothe the irritated tattoo area.
Its also great for sunburns and for use as a regular everyday skin moisturizer.

The consistency is similar to actual butter, so when I first used it , it took a little getting used to as I had been using A&D for so long. Getting it to spread on the skin evenly takes a second.

Hustle Butter is exploding in popularity, as some of the worlds top tattoo artists are part of the Hustle Butter Family and support and endorse the product.

If you havent had a chance to check out Hustle Butter, do it!! As I said, try different products and find one that works for you. I can almost guarantee Hustle Butter wont dissappoint. I've tried a bunch of different products, and I can honestly say if theres one product I'm locked in with for life...its Hustle Butter. And no, I wasnt paid to say any of this.
Check back soon for some more reviews of great products!!!

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  1. personally, I found it great for healing, but to use during tattooing, no. We have done my colours 3 times now, and the 3rd time around I told him NOT to use the Hustle Butter, and guess what ? My colours stayed nice and bright this time ! The other 2 times when he used the Hustle Butter during tattooing, I have a feeling it makes a waterproof barrier that doesn't allow the ink to get in as deep as it needs to to stay bright looking. Maybe theres another thechnique to tattooing with it that we don't know ? Any suggestions would be appreciated, maybe hes using too much ? They were nice for a few days then he colour just faded away after a week, deep purple became pale lilac and smurf blue became sky blue ! Big difference ! Without the butter, the colour stayed nice and bright all through the healing process. Txs

    1. Paula, thanks for your comment! Sorry for the late reply.
      I have never experienced any problems like this while using hustle butter. I always have good heals on my color tattoos and black and grey as well. I cant imagine it creates any kind of barrier, as there is no petroleum based ingredients used in hustle butter. Of course, just as any other ointment or ink, etc, not everyone will react the exact same way. Unfortunately it seems hustle butter may not work for you. I wouldnt rule it out as it may very well be the artist. Im glad it works out for your healing process though. I hope you give it another chance and it works out in the future!! I'd be interested to see what happens if you give it another try, let me know!! Thanks for reading!!

    2. yes i had pretty much the same problem .. it's AMAZING to use as an aftercare, no swelling, no redness, no itching .. it's great! so I tried it during a tattoo and no, i really didn't like it.. it's been 3 days and my tattoo is REALLY sore and while I was doing it i felt like I was scratching dry the skin which I wasn't. I'll see how it heals but I won't use it during a tattoo.. at least I tried it on myself and not on a customer...

    3. Hey! Sorry you had this experience. Im not sure why you might have had this happen. As I said, whenever I tattoo with it I never have a problem with the ink going in or anything. The skin always remains super workable. I cant image the Hustle Butter would give a scratchy feel to the skin. Maybe there was something off with your setup? Could be a number of things. As I said to Paula, I hope you give it another shot and see how it works!! Good luck!! And thanks for the comment!! Let me know if you have any other concerns!

  2. amazing post! love it and i love hustle butter! and yes very true works on sunburns haha.

    just a heads up i have seen on multiple sites your reviews being plagiarized. hopefully ppl can one day find their own voice instead of using others.

    wish you the best!!

    1. Thanks Nicole!! Yes, unfortunately Ive seen this too. Its a shame, Im just trying to help people out and suggest a great product and Ive seen this exact post copied and used as if another person wrote it.

      Thanks for the kind words!!

  3. Reviews on products about technical application , FROM PEOPLE WHO DONT EVEN TATTOO. Seriously lady you have no idea what you're talking about